Hope for the Nations - România


Registered Association in Brasov, Romania, Nr.


Hope for the Nations - Romania works in coalition with Hope for the Nations International which is a non-profit organization based in Kelowna, B.C., Canada that was incorporated in 1994.

The goal of Hope for the Nations - Romania is to help increase the efficiency of efforts directed towards helping Children at Risk in Romania.

Why Romania?

Since the end of Ceausescu's tyranny in 1989, Romania's social programs have been unable meet the demands of so many sectors of its society.  Though the business world moves ahead in modernization, simple medical attention is too costly for the average citizen. Orphanages still house many thousands of abandoned children, and large numbers of children do not have any identification making it impossible for them to receive education or to get a job. Salaries are about 150.00 dollars per month and the average monthly rent is about the same. While Romania is working to stabilize itself, Hope for the Nations - Romania will be helping with with projects listed below.


Some of our Projects

Orphanage volunteer work

At present, the orphanage system in Romania is working on meeting the basic needs of children in state care, but the task is overwhelming. Foster care is in process but will take years to implement and internal adoptions are few based on the current economic situation in Romania. Compounding this is the fact that international adoptions are not permitted by the Romanian government at this time. 

While the Romanian government works out the details of the new systems they are implementing, Hope for the Nations - Romania volunteers the time of its members at the orphanage in Brasov for children between infancy and three years old.

Zizin Meal Program

A coalition between Hope for the Nations - Romania and F.A.S.T. This meal program will feed lunch to approximately 40 children from the Roma (Gypsy) village of Zizin five days a week. We have started  renovations on the building and hope to start the program this autumn 2004. Many activities will be offered in the center including educational classes, computer, music, and sports activities. More information on this project coming soon!

Computer Club

Since November 2003, we have collaborated with an orphanage in the town of Codlea which houses 93 children between the ages of 3 and 18. There are 12 computers with which we have started a program to give each child computer classes at varying levels. Learning programs through games, software orientation, typing, word processing, web design, software programming, hardware maintenance etc. We are hoping soon to add supervised internet access to start an email pen pal program with schools, Sunday schools and families who may be interested.


Identification Program


Children and adults without Identification,
forgo education and employment to work digging
for scraps of metal to sell



In Romania, there are countless children and adults who were not registered (to obtain a birth certificate) at the time of birth. Parents are often unable to start the registration process because of the cost. Though the fee is minimal by western standards, for many families in Romania it is an impossibility. As time passes, the penalty grows higher making it insurmountable. Though this may sound like a simple situation, it becomes increasingly complicated to prove place and time of birth the further on in life a person gets. This means that these children and adults can't attend school, nor can they be legally employed. It later becomes a major contributor to crimes and abusive illegal employment such as prostitution, petty theft, pick pocketing, sweat shops, etc.

Hope for the Nations – Romania has begun a nationwide demographic study and once funds are available, would like to set up offices where children and adults without identification can come, free of charge, for assistance in this most basic human right. To Be Someone! Our endeavor is to see them through the legal process and court appearances to make this possible. Obtaining identification opens every door for them that would have otherwise been closed and could ultimately change the course of their lives!

Foster Care


Among the programs that are being developed, we are also working in the areas of foster care. Though this program is in its infancy, we are already working with several families. Because of simple intervention, these children can be spared from entering an institution and will be living in a foster home or able to stay with their own families. We help with school uniforms, supplies and food so children can enter public school. Many will be attending for the first time!

We look forward to increased sponsorship to be able to help more children who face similar situations.


Romanian Praise and Worship

The objective and mandate of the Stone Room Studios in Brasov is to record original Romanian worship music, written and performed by Romanian worship leaders and
artists. This music then to be distributed for use in churches and Christian events throughout Romania via the internet.

During this period in which we are establishing the studio in Brasov, we have a collaboration with MSV Studio in Navodari Romania to record our music tracks, while vocal tracks are recorded locally by Stone Room Studios.


For more information about the Romanian Worship and Praise project, you can access our site at:

Romanian Praise & Worship Project - A compilation of New Romanian Worship music. Scholarships available. If you are a Romanian musician/songwriter, find out how your song can be chosen to be recorded as part of this exciting project!
The List of completed songs - As they are finished, the final version of songs selected for the New Romanian Worship project are listed here in MP3 format. Also included is the back up music, lyrics and chord music.


Mark and Coreen Biech, the directors of Hope for the Nations - Romania, have been working in and out of Romania since 1990. Shortly after the revolution of 1989, they adopted their son Catlan from an orphanage in Romania. Four years later they adopted a son and daughter from an orphanage in Russia, Olicia and Sergei.

In 1998 they moved to Romania to work full time. This project was to establish evangelistic and mercy outreaches which included: working in local orphanages, the regional hospital with abandoned children, AIDS hospices, children at risk in the community, a coffee-house outreach, worship evangelism and discipleship training, as well as a recording studio to record original Romanian worship music. After living over three years on the east coast of Romania, their work with the project came to completion and they returned to Canada.

In August of 2003, they returned to Brasov, Romania and have since established Hope for the Nations - Romania. They can be reached at


Mark and Coreen Biech, President and Vice President
Hope for the Nations - Romania




Ralph and Donna Bromley
Hope for the Nations International


Norm and Loralee Strauss
Area Directors
Liaison between Canada and Romania